Self-Advocacy Society
of Persons with Learning Disabilities


To Form A National Body of Persons With Learning Disabilities in Malaysia”

United Voice encourages & helps Persons with Learning Disabilities to set up Self-Advocacy Groups all over Malaysia.

“Hold my hand and walk with me.
We must break the back of social inequity.
We must empower every individual with disability.To live in dignity in an inclusive society”

– William E. Lightbourne –

What We Do

We Advocate

United Voice, set up in 2005, has been an advocate to reduce the isolation of people with learning disabilities (Down Syndrome, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Global Development Delay and Cerebral Palsy) and give them the tools and experience to work, socialise, and take control of their lives so they too can contribute to society.

We Care

UV conducts self-advocacy training and awareness programs, workshop and conferences for members and other self-advocacy groups and Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDKs) in Malaysia. It is also a platform for parents to understand the importance of self-advocacy in the lives of a person with learning disabilities.

We Empower

United Voice created a social enterprise where employees produce beautiful greeting cards, bookmarks, T-shirts, weaving products, key chains, cookies and business cards. A gift shop and an art gallery were set up in 2010 at our premise to showcase them. Who ever you are there are lots of ways in which you can support us.


Art Gallery

Amazing pieces of heart. Each speak volumes. Landscapes to nature, abstracts to concrete. Seeing is believing.

Crafts Studio

UV artisans create beautiful SAORI handywork.‘SAI’ means everything has its own dignity and ‘ORI’, means weaving.


Cookies, tarts and cakes made with an uplifting ingredient called love. They taste extra delicious, naturally.

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