E-learning STARTUP course:

Entrepreneurship among young people with disabilities 

The STARTUP program is an international collaboration between five organizations that want to promote business and entrepreneurship to more people with disabilities.

Funded through Erasmus + and with partners from Chile, Greece, Malaysia and the United Kingdom, the project aims to improve both access to and quality of vocational training for support workers, job coaches, youth workers and others supporting people with disabilities to explore options in employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

By creating an e-learning platform and an online community, STARTUP seeks to improve entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and help create a better understanding for people with disabilities.

The content of the e-Module will:

  • Recognizes that developing business initiatives for and with people with disabilities requires resilience, motivation and belief in the potential and ability of people with disabilities to support them.
  • gives participants an overview of the business development process, an understanding of where business ideas come from, how they are tested and how they can be developed.
  • expands the knowledge, information, tools and entrepreneurship required so that a trainer is better equipped to accompany people with disabilities in their endeavor in entrepreneurship.
  • introduces the concept of reflective practice in the educational process of the participants and creates opportunities for networking and interaction with the community of participants and participants of the program.

Watch the video below for the introduction of the e-learning course…

Places are limited and strict order of priority will be observed. Participation in the e-module is completely free and a certificate of participation will be given after the completion and completion of a questionnaire. When the registration period is completed, you will be sent an e-mail with the password to the online platform as well as further instructions for the course.

The participants who will pilot the course with young people with disabilities will be given a certificate of participation as well as the opportunity to present their work in an international webinar with participants from the 4 countries of the program.


The courses will be open for free until the end of February 2021.

  • At least 2 webinars will be organized that will explain the course to potential interested parties.
  • There will be the possibility of communications with the contributors of the program. Specifically, there will be 2 meetings per month for questions and discussion on the topics of the seminar.
  • Through the forum participants will be able to communicate and exchange ideas with participants from around the world.
  • The language of the seminar is English.